Cycling Equality in Broadcasting

I really like women’s cycling and I really want to see it become equal to men’s. The women’s peloton is full of talent and I think we as an audience should be able to see these amazing women compete. But unfortunately, almost none of the women’s events are broadcast live. This needs to change immediately.

Women's vs. Men's World Tour

A lot has been said by us about the men’s UCI World Tour. We’ve talked mostly about how it really isn’t a tour around the world at all. With only three races outside of Europe, it is kind of a stretch right? The same can be said about the Women’s world Tour by the way, only three races outside of Europe. Are we sure we aren’t comparing Apples with Oranges though?

Take My Money, Please.

After moving to the US, it seemed infinitely harder to get some decent coverage of cycling events than what I was used to. All the major events were available to me on the free public broadcasting channel on TV, of course with simultaneous livestream on their site. Besides the Dutch national channel, I was usually able to get coverage from Eurosport and everyone’s favorite, the Belgian public broadcaster. Here in the US though, not so much. If you need a list this complicated, you’re never going to get people to tune in regularly.

High Time for Change

It's about time the race organizers stepped up and made a tough decision to protect rider safety. Over the past few years, we have seen stages neutralized or flat out canceled, but only when the riders demanded safer conditions. Yesterday, race organizers at Tirreno - Adriatico cancelled Stage 5 due to snow covered mountain passes being unrideable. Race Director Mauro Vegni announced yesterday that, “The weather is expected to worsen. Even today [Saturday], my people were on all the stage’s check things [sic]. Unfortunately, conditions aren’t suitable to hold the race, especially as things will get worse. We’ve decided not to risk the rider’s health.”

Meldonium in Moscow

The 2016 cycling season started of pretty good, with the first doping case so early on in the year when Vorganov was caught using Meldonium early on in February. This news of course hit the front page of all sports related sites. Cycling is known by all as the black sheep of sports when it comes to doping. Lately though, the tide has been turning a bit. Not to a sport in particular, but to a country: Russia.

Will the Real Hour Record Ever Fall?

The UCI Hour Record only takes into account attempts made under the UCI’s guidelines, the holders of which are Evelyn Stevens and Sir Bradley Wiggins. There is, however, another record that hasn’t been bested in almost two decades. Despite the recent surge in interest around the Hour Record, thanks to Jens Voigt’s 2014 successful attempt, no one has beaten the records set during the ‘superman’ era.

The Globetrotting World Tour

For a global sport to truly be global it must reach out to the entire world. The UCI World Tour only includes races in Europe, with the exception of the Tour Down Under in Australia and the two one day races in Quebec and Montreal. To be called a World Tour, the UCI needs to have races in every hospitable continent, and bring the global cycling community together through expansion.