#GCFantasyTeam - AKA The great Tour de France Fantasy-Team Extravaganza.

It’s a common thing back in The Netherlands, fantasy teams. Nearly everyone in the country will participate in one for the world or European cup of football (.. if The Netherlands participates that is). The Tour, however, is the biggest annual event that gets the fantasy team managers excited. In offices all over the country there is some guy that will create a small office-wide fantasy league. All friends and family are welcome to join of course.

The concept is usually along similar lines. Every participant gets to pick a team of riders that can score points along the way, usually through various means. Many leagues will have points set out for individual stage winners, but also for the yellow jersey wearer and for final classifications. Some will have rules about the types of riders and others still will act more like a market where you get to spend a fictional budget to “buy” your team. In both of those scenarios you’ll have to pick wisely because you can’t just pick all the star riders without breaking the rules.

As you heard on the podcast, I usually participate in one or two of these fantasy leagues. This year I want Grupetto Chat to join in on the fun and participate with a team where you all decide which riders will be in the team. The rules are very simple for the league we’re joining, here is the summary:

  • A team will consist of 15 riders.
  • Up to 5 riders can be selected as a backup in the case one of the original 15 drops out BEFORE the start on Mont Saint-Michel
  •    Points are awarded per stage, 10 for the stage winner, 9 for number 2 – and so on – ending in one point for number 10.

And that’s it. No tricky picks, no final GC points, just the individual stages. Simply put, we need to make a team of the 15 riders that will finish in the top ten of individual stages most often.

If you want to suggest your favorite riders you can do so by using the hashtag #GCFantasyTeam to tweet at us, or you can contact us via email or the site. The 15 most selected riders will become our team.

Usually players will put down a small amount of money, €5 to €10 usually where the winner or top three finishers will get the money. Occasionally too there will be daily prizes for the team that scores the best on one individual stage. Our fantasy league has both a payout at the end for the ten best teams, and daily prizes for the best team of that day. This gives an interesting option to opt for a mixed team, going for the GC, or go for a “stage win” by selecting only sprinters or Climbers. In the past I’ve had some success with all these types of teams, so there is no right or wrong way to select our team!

Obviously if we end up winning some money we will not keep it, but we will donate it to the favorite charity of the Grupetto Chat community. So pick wisely and suggest your top picks to us using the hashtag #GCFantasyTeam


Just as a reference, the following riders would have made the “perfect” team in last year’s Tour de France:

  • Sagan 85
  • Greipel 49
  • Froome 48
  • Degenkolb 47
  • Van Avermaet 34
  • Pinot 33
  • Valverde 33
  • Bardet 32
  • Cavendish 30
  • Boasson Hagen 29
  • Kristoff 29
  • Martin (Dan) 25
  • Gallopin 22
  • Martin (Tony) 21
  • Coquard 21