Grupetto Chat is made by cycling fans. We all love to talk about cycling and that is exactly what we do. Expect discussions about race results, previews for upcoming races, news on riders and teams, and much more. If you have any suggestions, questions or other remarks, please feel free to let us know here

A quick intro to the hosts:

Michael is a full blown American, having traveled all across the country he calls home. One thing he has learned in his few years on this Earth is that bikes are awesome. He loves to ride them, talk about them, and especially edit the audio of people who talk about them ;) Michael’s heart lives in Colorado, even though his body resides elsewhere. He lives to climb to new heights and hopes to spend his life seeing the world and working creatively on his passions.

Isabel was born in Colombia the year Lucho Herrera won the Vuelta España, so it was only natural that cycling became a huge part of her life. After living the past two years in Rionegro, Colombia, where Uran, the Henaos, Gaviria and many more of the Colombian pros trained, and seeing them on the same roads, she moved to Victoria, Canada, the home of Ryder Hesjdal, with her husband. And thanks to her dad, she is now the proud owner of a 1987 Vitus team issued bike which was ridden in the Tour de France by the Cafe de Colombia team

Rik has been living in Oakland California for a year now but spent the first 27 of his life living in The Netherlands. Growing up in a country where riding a bike is usually learned before people can walk and where businessmen ride a bike to work in their fancy suits, it was only natural for him to pick up a bike. By the time Rik reached the U17 and U19 categories he was riding in all the big road events in The Netherlands and Belgium, but also occasionally further away throughout Europe. Chances are that if a current pro was born in the late 80s Rik raced against him. Another big love of his is track cycling, he spent many cold winter evenings in the - back then - unheated brand new Velodrome in Amsterdam. Unfortunately he had to give up his dream of becoming a pro cyclist due to personal reasons but the love for cycling remains.